Roadburn – Retrospect 2006



Last year didn't totally lack interesting events from the Generous Maria point of view. Let's see if I can recall some of the stuff.. It started out with the preparations for, and finally in May, the release of our second album entitled "Electricism." It is out on Belgium´s mighty Buzzville Records. Let me grab the opportunity to say “thank a lot!” for all the kind words that have been said about it by so many of you guys.

In May we also went on a short tour in Begium and Holland. One gig in Germany was squeezed in as well. We had a really great time, as always. The only fucked up thing was that I got sick as a dog towards the end of the tour and got more interested in sleeping instead of having a party off stage. The tour ended with the release party of “ Electricism” at Sticky Fingers here in Gothenburg and by then, with the help of some pretty strong medication, everything was back to one hundred per cent rock ‘n’ roll.

The Electricism tour part 2 took place in October when we returned to Benelux for a few gigs together with 3Speed Automatic, the great band from Rotterdam. We did, among other shows, the Villa Rocka festival at 3SA's place, a happening that's beyond my power to describe -you have to be there.
We also did the BuzzFest 2, a festival organised by Buzzville Records, where we shared stage with a bundle of great bands, like Dozer and Kube. The whole thing was so cool.

A sad thing happened late 2006. One of our guitarists, Ulrik, left the band after many years at the post. That was sad, but it had to be, I guess.. All the best to him for 2007.
So now we’re continuing as a four piece, at least for the time being, and we've only just started working on new recordings, which feels like a lot of fun, and looking forward to new gigs and tours during 2007.
So, again, thanks for all your support during last year and see you out there during this!

Faves of 2006

Tom Waits – "Orphans, Bawlers & Bastards"
Cabron - "S/T"
On Parole - "Classic Noise"