Roadburn Retrospect 2005




2005 started out with the re-release of our first album, now called 'Command of the New Rock - 2005 Edtition.' It's out on Belgium's Buzzville Records, which is a very cool label, and there are four bonus tracks on it.

This year's also been a lot about finishing our next album. We've been working on it off and on throughout the year. It was finally mixed in September and mastered in December so now this baby is ready to see the world, at last. It was a long and pretty bumpy road but really, it was worth it. The album's entitled 'Electricism' and Malleus is just about to get started with the art work. My guess is that it'll be released in a couple of months.

We contributed several songs to a couple of compilations during the year as well. One track called 'Lil' Crisis of Mine' appeared on 'Burn the Street vol 5', out on Daredevil Records, and another one entitled 'Sheer Violence' ended up on 'Rock 'n' Roll Blvd vol 1', the 2CD compilation Buzzville released in November to celebrate their first five years of existence.

In July we went to Germany for kind of a mini-tour. We played a few gigs, and the last one was in Erfurt at the Stoned From the Underground festival. It's a real cool festival and we had a lot of fun. A huge 'Thank you!' to all you guys who helped us out and supported us in different ways both in front of and behind the stage. And also to Christian of The Awesome Machine who played guitar with us on this trip since Danne's new daughter arrived a bit too early.

Right now, while playing the waiting game before 'Electricism' gets released, we're keeping ourselves busy writing songs for the next album.

Faves of 2005

Abramis Brama - "Rubicon"

Artimus Pyledriver - "S/T"

We - "Smugglers"