Roadburn – Retrospect 2003


2003 brought both good things and bad things for Generous Maria. But then again, isn´t that the way every year, for everyone..

Our latest album 'Command of the New Rock' was released in the US by Abstract Sounds, and that´s one of those good things I was talkin' about. Sadly our European label, Lunasound Recording, went down and that wasn´t good at all, I was really pleased to be on their roster.

Anyway, we got a new management. It´s Peter Hogfeldt, former reviewer and photographer of; he started ’High on the Hog’ Management, and we´re glad to be under his wings, coz he´s such a cool guy.

During the year we released a couple of songs on various compilations. I'm not sure though if the Game Two 2x7" comp. has been released in 2003 --we recorded a song called 'Devil´s Brood.' I´ve got a test pressing of the record, titled 'Swedish Rock & Roll Dammit', and it sounds really good. You can´t wait to get your sweaty hands on that one, can you?

The other song is our rendition of Zodiac Mindwarp's 'Wild Child' –-we recorded that song for a Zodiac Mindwarp tribute called 'Snake Oil Supercharm', and it's released through Sleazegrinder Records. It's definitely out by now coz' it was released in November.

Right now we´re working on two new songs; 'Crawl Back In' and 'Daddy Rattlesnake', both for a 7-inch slated for a March ‘04 release. We want to release those songs in support of our forthcoming European tour that month.

We´ve done some gigs throughout the year as well; our gig at the Fuzzfest here in Gothenburg in February comes to mind right away. It was a very cool happening with bands like Dozer, Grand Magus... and ourselves, of course.

So, all in all, a pretty good year for us; nothing good that can´t get better though.

Best of 2003:

Blind Dog – "Captain Dog Rides Again" 

The Mars Volta – "De-loused in the Comatorium" 

The Awesome Machine – "Soul of a Thousand Years"