ROADBURN Retrospective 2002


"2002 has been a pretty fun year for us. It was full of small victories and major defeats [nah, it's just a joke!]. I mean, after all, we released our debut album 'Command of the New Rock', so obviously it was a good year.
"We got such a good response -we're stoked, and, gee, youīre just too kind out there!!! But please donīt think that weīre totally corrupted by our success though. We can still handle some more!!!"

"Just recently we finished the recording of a couple of songs. The first one is called 'Devilīs Brood', and itīs supposed to appear on the Swedish Rock 2 x 7" comp. thatīs going to be released by Game Two Records. It will feature the likes of Mushroom River Band, Space Probe Taurus and Rise & Shine as well."

"The other track that we recorded is a Zodiac Mindwarp cover, titled 'Wild Child', and it will appear on the forthcoming Z.M tribute that Devil Doll Records/Sleazegrinder will put out. After a few ups and downs both songs turned out to be killer, so keep an eye out for those releases."

"So -mostly pleasant experiences for Generous Maria during the year gone by, no speed limit on the highway to hell and all that. Still, canīt wait for 2003...
"Itīll start in a heavy manner with a Fuzzfest in here in Gothenburg [February 8th]; Dozer, Grand Magus, Abramis Brama, Souldivider and yours truly will rock the house."

Best of 2002:

  • " Queens of The Stone Age - "Songs For The Deaf"
  • " Sir Hedgehog - "S/T"
  • " Hellacopters - "By The Grace of God"