ROADBURN Retrospect 2001


"We're looking forward to the release of our debut full-length called 'Command of The New Rock', cuz' the process of creation has been stretched out over 2001. Sometimes things take a little longer then you plan. The main part was recorded in January and mixed in February. So far so good! But the mix didn´t turn out good enough, and after a bit of a hassle we had the entire album remixed in July --it turned out the way we wanted: killer!!!"

"In September we signed to 'Lunasound Recording', which feels like a very good thing and the release is set for early 2002, probably January or February. 'Malleus' is doing the cover, which is great! We´ve seen previews throughout the last months and the cover art is gonna be AWESOME!!!"

"2001 also saw the release of the Generous Maria/Skua 'Split CD' through Spain's Alone Records. It came out late 2000 and sold out pretty quickly. The 'Split CD' was re-issued in the States by Custom Heavy Records in collaboration with Alone Records in June and we're really happy with the great reviews and appriciation. Miguel and Chris are very nice guys to work with!"

"We´ve been featured on a couple of compilation albums; 'Sacred Groove' by the Mexican label MDG and 'New Rays From a Rising Black Sun' through Dirt Culture."

"All in all it's been an excellent year for Generous Maria; the signing to Lunasound Recording being the peak of it all. Sometimes I get a little frustrated by the pace of things though, but then the guys just tell me to relax! Which I will do!!!"