ROADBURN Retrospect 2000


"So, now the year of 2000 is finally about to enter eternity", says Generous Maria's Goran, "and the only bug I encountered was a "Firebug" and that's a newly recorded Generous Maria song, so that's all right. No doubt about it, it's been a good year for the band, not splendid - still heaps of things to be achieved and that haven't worked out the way we'd wish - but still real good." "Firstly, all these wonderfully cool people of the scene all around the planet! All this creativity and resistance against the mind-numbing mainstream music-industry. Man, that's a beautiful thing being a part of. This summer we got in touch with the Spanish label Alone Records and Miguel Navarro. They decided they wanted to release the "Strict Nurse" tape on a split-CD together with an other Swedish band called Skua. Obviously we thought it was a great idea. It's supposed to be out by the time you're reading this. Miguel is one of these guys I was talking about; hard working, easy going and great in taste. Way to go, man!"

"Another guy I gotta mention is Enrique Rej-n of Mexico"s MDG Records. He came up with the brilliant idea to release a compilation with bands hosted by It's called "Sacred Groove" and should be out in December '00. Low on means but high on energy... Jeez, I love these guys!"Well, I could go on and on about this but I guess I gotta stop somewhere. All you guys in Italy, Holland, USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, Brazil, Australia and elsewhere are for sure not forgotten." "The year 2000 for Generous Maria's part ends in recording mode. It was high time, we thought, to get our new songs down on tape so we entered the studio in November, took a few weeks break from it and are at it again as you're reading this. We're working with 11 titles and the scheme is to have a full-length out during the first part of 2001. Well, this is a few thoughts about the year gone by. There's so much more when I'm sitting down thinking about it; great gigs, cool bands we've encountered, all the support and positive feed-back...But all needed to be said now is: Cheers and rock on!"