Review by Peter Hogfeldt (

Generous Maria
Live at Belsepub
October 19th 2001


Generous Maria... what can I say... Killer gig! This was the best gig from these dudes that Iíve seen so far, the music was both more psychedelic and heavier. And they also had a new guy on guitar and he seemed to fit perfectly in the Generous Maria soundscapes.

They started out with a great instrumental tune called "Ashram Of The Absolute", donít really know how to describe this tune... maybe Duane Eddy gone stoner. This tune was penned by their former guitarist, George Winnberg, and he stood right in front of the stage when they started playing this tune... One of the best instrumental tunes Iíve heard in this genre (and itíll be on the upcoming album, yeah!)...

The rest of the Generous Maria set was made up of songs from both their split with Skua (available for purchase from our All That`s Heavy Online Music Store) and their upcoming album on Lunasound Recordings... theyíre all good tunes, but my favorite Generous Maria tune is "All Units Are Out"... you just canít mix psychedelia and heavy rock much better than this... great tune and a great gig!