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Alone Records

The newest from Alone records. 2 bands that are both from Sweden each doing 4 songs, like 2 EP`s on one CD. Each side represents the bands at their best and is a great little package from beginning to end.
The CD starts out with 4 from Generous Maria. Their sound is thick hard and aggressive, 70`s influenced with just plain killer vocals over the top. The first riff reminds me of Helmet with that hard chugging angular guitar, and the vocals kick in ...the vocals have the same kind of approach that hard rock radio band like STP or Alice in Chains would have, but they are more hardcore, and rough, also classic...Robert Plant clicks too... Don't get me wrong, "Goran" can hit every melody precisely, but the energy is pushing it a more aggressive feel and less polished. This is a good thing, let me assure you. The songs are fluid and solid rockers that remind me of COC and lots of other hard rockers. Thick riffs...chugging at time parts the works. High energy and very, very good...check it out.
The Skua side is a change in pace for sure, and is a whole different ball of wax. Their sound is more psychedelic and laid back. Soft-spoken vocals often remind me of the desert sessions; in fact the music does a lot as well. Tripped out effects and tons of twists. The guitars are crazy as and fuzzed out. Reminds me at times of Flaming Lips... Other reminiscent bands other than QotSA would be Master of Reality. If you like either band, both- this and the desert sessions, check this out. Un-canny but cool nonetheless. It`s like Science-Fiction movies. You gotta take what you get...
A good sampler of what both bands have to offer, and I must say that I am looking forward to hearing both band`s full-lengths.