Review by Alex/StonedGods

Generous Maria + Skua
split CD
Alone Rec. 2000

From the mighty spanish label Alone Records based in Malaga we have this nice split CD, in which we can listen to two very good bands: one is Generous Maria, the other is Skua.
If you wanna know something about the awesome Generous Maria, just browse our site to the review of their demo (or, if you prefer, click here), because on this release we find the four tracks we listened on their demo, Strict Nurse. If you are tired and don't wanna browse, just keep in mind Generous is one of the best pure hard rock 70s band in Europe...I really can't wait for a future full-lenght release...everything is cool in generous Maria..the vocals, the instruments, the whole compositions.
What can I say about Skua? Well, they're a revelation!!!! I never heard anything about them, but they really are a good band. Their style is cool, just to let you know, they're a bit in the style of bands like Dozer, very powerful and hypnotic, with outstanding fuckin' good vocals and fat sounds, I really enjoied their four songs...another favourite pick!!! Oh my god, how many great bands are there??? So, we must thank everyone at Alone Records, for giving us the opportunity to discover Skua, and to re-discover Generous Maria.
Please be good with your ears and buy this stuff, absolutely!

Groove: 5/5
Psychedelia: 4/5
Heavyness: 4/5
Originality: 3/5
Overall Rating: 5/5