Review by Ralf Burkart/Daredevil

Generous Maria/Skua-Split CD
Alone Records

Think of a Split CD where everything just rocks, Alone Records made it happen, yeah. Generous Maria is the first half of the CD and I must say, I still love the guys from Gotheburg, "Strict Nurse" is a cool opener for sure, Itīs Rock, with some influences of Kyuss, but only a bit, most of it is the traditional riffing with a f**ing good singer, Göran does a good job, but donīt forget the other musicians, they do the Rock, damn. Sometimes I recognized some influences of that traditional eighties Metal, but thatīs were we are come from my friend and they do it good, 4 songs of ROCK, cool as a FUCK!!! Rating:1 Skua, you maybe read the reviews of Skuaīs Demos, they do it the different way, rumbling bass and smooth voice, really original the guitar-work on the recording, I would set the guys in the line as QueensOfTheStoneage, yeah, thatīs the direction, also four songs, but more experimental. If you think now "I donīt like experiments!", but now I tell you: " You will like this!". Skua a band with a shitload of talents, I hope to hear more of their journeys into sound and druginfected world of mental freedom.
Rating: 1 all together