Review by Acid Attack Music

Generous Maria & Skua s/t (Sw Split CD Alone Records AR 002 01)

In a couple of reviews recently I've bemoaned the standard of the rock cds coming out of, mainly, the US for not showing much adventure or modernity. In a couple of other reviews I've complained about cds feeling too long. Well, here's a new angle for you. This split cd was too short. This split cd featured two Swedish bands within a, I guess, Stoner rock category. This cd truly rocked. It's chock full of adventurous modern rock. I would love to hear full cds from both of these bands. Generous Maria have a deep and dirty voice up front, a true stoner lead vocal, (reminiscent of Monster Magnet), real fuzzed up bass, all around great rock songs, absolutely top class. Skua remind me of none of their listed influences and produced their own stuff too. Top stoner rock. Really difficult to say much more. If you're into Kyuss or QOTSA you must seek this cd out immediately. The promotion sheet calls this hard and psychedelic rock from two great bands. Wow, even the promotional material is true. And all this from two bands from Sweden showing those US bands how to play rock. Mighty.