Generous Maria


Buzzville Records

For my money (I am, after all, worth a million in prizes), Sweden’s Generous Maria are the finest band to emerge from the lumbering “Stoner rock” scene. And that’s not just because they dress better than the vast majority of the overweight, corduroys-wearing dope rockers, although it certainly helps. No, GM’s shake appeal is that their riffs are bigger, their songs are slinkier and sleazier, and that they write about what they know (lying to chicks) instead of what they think they know, like most of their stoner metal brethren (spaceship gobbledygook). Oh, and then there’s Goran Florstram’s groovy vox bubbling over the top like some narcotic sugar frosting. It’s some seriously heavy shit, brother. “Electricism” is Generous Maria’s second album, coming not so hot-on-the-heels of their blinding 2002 debut full-length, “Command of the New Rock”, and it contains all of their signature sounds, plus a dollop of heavy glam and a fresh, crisp production that yanks ‘em right out of the mud and hurls them right to the top of the Rock Mountain. “It’s Called Love” is the snakiest tune on deck, but all of ‘em will bite you, if you get close enough. And you will.