Generous Maria


Buzzville Records

When Generous Maria's debut album "Command of the new rock" was released it was said to " increase your sperm count and lower your IQ". What a great punchline. The Swedish band came to life in 1998 and dedicated their existence to pure dust-bitten rock. "Electricism" is their second full-length effort.

The opening "The chilling effect" just shows what GM are about. Fine midtempo-grooves, thick production, heavy guitars - melting together to create some fine stoner-rock. The following "Sheer violence" even tops it's predecessor with some killer grooves and riffs, which create images of lost desert towns in your mind.

An real outstanding track is the slowly crawling "Slit-eyed lizzard". Most heavy walls of thick guitars flow like lava. Think of the atmosphere of some Tool with the sheer brutality and heaviness of New Orlean's finest Crowbar. What a track.

My second highlight is the end of the closing "Lil' crisis of mine", which is the typical rocking kick in the nuts. A great finish for a great album, which all fans of heavy rock should call their own. Huge!!!