Generous Maria


Buzzville Records

Sweden rocks and it rocks hard and heavy! It is quite strange that one country lying so north delivers hot stuff from a pretty big army of bands rocking under the blue, yellow crossed banner! Generous Maria are for sure riding in the frontlines along with Dozer, Roachpowder, and Spiritual Beggars to name a few! "Electricism" is Generous Maria's new album and you can see from miles away that this band has developed its sound since their first full length "Command Of The New Rock". The basic elements that make Generous Maria's sound are present; catchy riffs that don't lack of heaviness, melodies that color the aggression, and of course the characteristic voice of singer Goran Florstrom.

Well, like I said, Generous Maria have evolved their sound on "Electricism". This time the band dives into deeper waters of musical creation! Speed goes a little back, in favors of heaviness, although there are the burn-rubber parts like in "Precious And Grace" and "Out Of My Head" (Rooooooock). Monolithic riff(are)s to the bone crawl at you when "Slit Eyed Lizard" comes slowly out of your speakers, this is a really heavy stinker!! "She's Got Plans For Me" gives us another new element of the bands sound approach. Weird effects and layered vocals, a lot more psychedelic stuff than you are used to from the band. Real nice for my ears I must say "Ripe" and "It's Called Love" sound like the 70's just got by them, boogie rhythms and feelgood-feelings served to you with mashed groovy potatoes and guitar solo gravy hmmmmm! As the sounds go on, "Bootlicker" states another sexy tune with a little southern attitude to this recorded effort sexy in its way the riffing goes on, you know it's this kind of tune where you can see the beauties in a bar shaking their booty! And coming to the closer of this album "Lil' Crisis Of Mine"; the drums start pounding away in a tribal manner, that goes on and catches smoothly the attention of the listener, and as soon as you know the song is over with a classic ala AC/DC all-together-give-it-up drums-guitars-bass-voice- ending! Keeeeeeeewl.

Although I liked Generous Maria's debut a little more than this one, I can't say that "Electricism" lacks of anything the band has got me used to! There is a fine word to put the situation in the right place, EVOLUTION! And not to forget the great artwork, crafted by no one else then the mighty Malleus!!

Rate: 10/13