Metal Invader

Generous Maria


Buzzville Records

The first impression you get from a cd’ s cover may sometimes prove to be the right one. It may also lead you to safe conclusions concerning the musical content of the record. Once you get the new cd by GENEROUS MARIA on your hands you have no other choice than notice the great artwork created by the one and only Malleus! It’s my pleasure to inform you that the music included in this cd is equally good with the artwork.

In the last few years Sweden has become the base of the best hard rock / stoner musical scene. The greatest bands of the genre are Swedish. You want examples? Spiritual Beggars, Grand Magus, Blind Dog, Dozer to name just a few. GENEROUS MARIA can now be added to this long list. “Electricism” is the band’ s second full-length album and proves, once again, this hard rocking groove machine’ s value.

The band shows its love for Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, and Queens Of The Stone Age, which are its’ main influences but, instead of copying these monsters’ sound, GENEROUS MARIA has created something on its’ own. The band has added its’ members musical personality, giving an extra credit to the whole project. In addition, it’s obvious that these guys know how to write interesting songs. Mixing heavy yet pretty catchy riffs, well-structured melodies, boogie rhythms and the characteristic vocals by Goran Florstrom, they prove to be qualified songwritters. Highlights of the album include "Sheer Violence” (mid-tempo dynamite), "Lil' Crisis Of Mine"(just fantastic), the album’s opener "The Chilling Effect", as well as the very good cover of ZZ Top’ s “Precious And Grace”, which they have transformed to a GENEROUS MARIA song.

From the beginning to the end, “Electricism” will please the fan of the genre. 44 minutes full of great groovy hard rock. Is there anything more to ask?

Rate: 4.5

Reviewer: Vassilis Avlonitis