Generous Maria


Buzzville Records

The second full-length release from Gothenburgís finest stoner rockers sees them embrace a slightly less frantic and more mature sound than on their outstanding Command of The New Rock album, which was rereleased last year with additional tracks.

That said, the first time I feel the stoner groove Generous Maria can do so well is during the chorus of the albumís second track Sheer Violence, and again during the excellent bridge section. The first track, for me, never gets going. Happily, from track two onwards, the groove and style never let up, through the slithering Slit-eyed Lizard, the Spiritual Beggars style echoing slow burner Sheís Got Plans For Me, the high-paced Out of My Head and the grooving-monster Itís Called Love.

The best ítil last, as they say, the albums closes in absolutely stunning fashion. Liíl Crisis Of Mine is simply majestic. The kind of groove-dripping driving rock you canít resist moving to. I think I would have reordered the disc slightly. The start of The Chilling Effect is too sudden for an opening track. The best way to open an album is with something that leads in, but doesnít take too long about it. Monkey Business by Skid Row, for example. Or with something that starts with a cool guitar riff by itself before the drums and bass start, like Iron Maidenís Wicker Man.

Something about Electricism isnít quite as immediate as Command of The New Rock, but patience being the virtue weíre all told it is will reveal a much deeper, more mature and well rounded sound. This is a definite improvement, you just have to give it time to show itself.

ď groove and style Ē

Tracklist: The Chilling Effect / Sheer Violence / All Wrong Alright / Precious And Grace / Slit-eyed Lizard / Sheís Got Plans For Me / Ripe / Out of My Head / Bootlicker / Itís Called Love / Liíl Crisis of Mine