Daredevil Magazine

Generous Maria


Buzzville Records

Wow, what a cool album. I know Generous Maria for a while now and I always loved their blend out of Heavy-Rock, RockīnīRoll and Metal. It was always really fresh and original sounding. "Electricism" is the result of years and years of playing live, writing songs and getting the heads together. You can hear that Generous Maria put all their sweat and blood into this output. Great catchy tunes with a shitload of groove, live feeling and energy came out. Once you start listening to this baby you canīt stop and you have to listen to it over and over. The riffing is awesome and leave no wish open...heaviness the way it should be. The vocals are really melodic and after a while you start whispering with the music...a while later you start shouting it out loud...Welcome back Generous Maria. Stoners all over the planet should check out this release...fantastic.

rating: 7/10