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Generous Maria


Buzzville Records

Having been in existence for 8 years now and having a further two albums to their name, the playing and songwriting on this is of a very high standard. To their every credit, Generous Maria only uses their stoner rock roots sparingly, preferring to inject their music with color, life and energy. This time around, GM have allowed their melodious and uplifting nature to shine through, glazing this record with a fine run of powerful, dynamic and rich songs. Most of these songs certainly aren’t stoner, preferring instead to paddle in heavy rock waters, with an occasional metallic edge to give the music flight.

There are hints of stoner rock in “Ripe” and “Bootlicker”, but the standout tracks on “Electricism” are tracks like muscular anthems such as “The chilling effect”, “Sheer violence” and “Out of my head” which move with riotous energy and groove, displaying a healthy appetite for catchy moments. Backed up by AC/DC-like numbers like “All wrong all right” and “It’s called love” the album excels at being infectious and strong throughout. Yet, its slower numbers like the wretched “Slit-eyed lizard” and “She’s got plans for me” that bite harder, proving the quality of this record above all else. “Li’l crisis of mine” is one of the best songs on the album; the smooth bass line and rolling percussion rip into pounding guitars, with a chorus that is a magnet to the repeat button with a chilled out The Cult-vibe to it. A stunning song that manages to conclude the album perfectly.

“Electricism” is a great album with the music and vocals slotting perfectly together; a trait that can only come with time.

90/100 Cosmicmasseur.