Cathouse RnR Project

Generous Maria - Electricism (Buzzville)

Formed in 1998 in Göteborg, Sweden, Generous Maria is a band completely addicted to an hard stoner rock. They are now out with the new album Electricism that comes after the great success of their first album Command Of The New Rock, a significant proof of their skills! This album sounds strong as rock itself, genuine like old cool southern rock, it strikes again and again with devastating guitars and rough vocals. 11 songs that you will enjoy with pleasure, like Out Of My Head and Bootlicker, such a dragging song which will get into your head and never leave! They light up the fire with something called "pure energy", their music is high quality rock : strong, heavy drums, rocking guitars and much energy, bassguitar striking with power and the voice it's the final proof of the good quality of this work; a lot of worthy songs and pure good rock! Well done, it's a must!