Generous Maria - Crawl Back In
Review by: kokojones (
2004 Gogo Mojo/Generous Maria self release (GM001)
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Goddamn those Swedes! Always one up on the rest of the pack, and this stuff is gonna send most of 'em back to school.

“Crawl Back In” centers around a chuggy southern riff, peppered by Generous Maria’s hauntingly twisted vocal melodies and a splash of some Entombed blackened juju hot sauce. The song moves effortlessly into more majestic, atypical chord changes and keeps you guessing at what’s around the next bend without losing the listener at all. They’re not as prog as Mammoth Volume, and not as blunt as the Hellacopters. Generous Maria manage to write simple songs that aren‘t predictable, with epic changes and production that are perfectly layered for that psychadelic odyssey without being overdone.

“Daddy Rattlesnake” is a no bullshit drugged rock anthem, blasting straight into orbit with more of their patented vocal lines that make me wonder what Lenny Kravitz would sound like had discovered Fu Manchu’s The Action Is Go in the six months prior to recording Mama Said.

Hearing this made me dig out their debut, Command of the New Rock, for repeated spins. These guys are cooking up something sick in the near future and I’m all over it.