Generous Maria

‘Crawl Back In’ 7” 

Swede superrockers Generous Maria, let us not mince words, are the BEST drug metal band on this puny fuckin’ planet. And I’m including Monster Magnet in that narcotic gang pile, too. Why? Brother, lead howler Goran has GOT IT, the chest thumping, ego-star vox that slur everything just right, and his band are virgin-killing surgeons of sleaze, capable of dropping napalm love bombs fulla fuzz and fury dead center into the core of yr reptile brain. And unlike their contemporaries, who always slip up somewhere- whether it’s just from beating on the same Sabbath riff one too many times, or taking ill-advised side-steps into jazz (or prog, or somethin’ gruesome like that), or just running out of devil juice and taking the long slow slide to Suckville – Generous Maria just go to from strength to towering strength, mining ancient 70’s thunderboogie bands for long lost dope hooks and supersizing them for maximum cock rock action. There’s just no way around it, really. Once the Maria cranks up, you are GOING SOMEWHERE, and you are gonna come home ravaged and savaged, baby. This here 7 inches of hard, shiny plastic contains two such riprides. A side “Crawl Back In” is a space-scraping, psychedelic monster that strangles a snaky metal-guru groove into submission. It’s excessive and sexed-up and sounds kinda like Soundgarden melting into a pool of Warrior Soul on a hot summer day. “Daddy Rattlesnake”, on the other hand, is just a headbanging, cock-out motherfucker of a rock n’ roll song, full of grit and grime and shake appeal. Best of all, it’s about YOU, man.