Generous Maria (Swe) Crawl Back In

Westcoast rockers Generous Maria have returned to the fold with a limited single release of 500 copies, if the demand are right I think that the combo are able to make more copies. Generous Maria have been pretty active since their release on Lunasound Command Of The New Rock, not only this single, they are also in the Game Two single that is reviewed below. They have a manager, Hogfeldt from and they are a looking for a new deal since Lunasound called it in and gigs of course, with those and the response to the album have the Maria mob a pretty stable following, they have also made a feature to a Zodiac Mindwarp tribute and some other stuff. Crawl Back In is something to prove that the combo are still breathing. I have turned this piece in and out for the last couple of days and checking out the titletrack it appears to me that the Maria mob have listened to the Audioslave album, it have that direction. It's a heavy track, the groove and the dynamics is right there on the spot. Flipside Daddy Rattlesnake have a more funky driving beat, extensive riffing and a good load of loud maxed power. Generous Maria got the blues. A fine piece of Generous rock vinyl.