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Generous Maria-Crawl Back In 7" 

Gogo Mojo 

Damn...I´m angry, cause I missed all the German shows of Generous Maria in Germany and this 7" makes it even harder for me. "Crawl Back In" and "Daddy Rattlesnake" are two high-class Hard-Rock hymns. Just everything on this two songs are perfect...as soon as they came out of the speakers...they went in my head and made me go up and do some serious headbangin´. I love this sound and I must say if the next album of these five guys will be like this Single...then I think...we have a new force in European Hard-Rock. Compared to their previous releases Generous Maria grew out of this Stoner outfit and went on to a new dimension...this is for sure the "Command Of The New Rock"...thank you guys!!!