GENEROUS MARIA "Command of the New Rock"
Lunasound Recording 2002

Generous Maria is a five piece from sweden. picture yourself the 'dukes of hazard' with even larger sideburns and you got Generous Maria in front of you. These guys have a bad case of FUCKING ROCK!!! With only a split e.p. previously released, GM has put out their newborn, debut album, 'Command Of The New Rock' on Lunasound records. A bold mix of heavy rock, sizzling 70tizz fuzz and goddamn rock'n roll is what you can expect. It's not often that you get swept away by a band but I can tell you that I loved the GM sound the very second I heard it. I would compare them a bit with 'Alabama Thunder Pussy' slash 'Karma To Burn', add a little bit of the 'Awesome Machine' distilled with some more 70tizz elements, and you got a good sound reference. But GM is a band that's hard to compare to others. These sweeds have a groovy sound, supported with a tight, strong and musical voice. The balance between groove and rock is perfect, ripping guitar solos and rhythms, lay-back heavy drums. Generous Maria is the next band launched from the Scandinavian area ready to take on the world. Heavy rock is back to stay and GM is for sure a part of it. Some excellent songs are 'All good things (Must come to an end)', 'Big Shiny Limo', 'A Bed At The Edge Of The Universe', 'All Units Are Out' & 'Anchorage & Quito'. Generous Maria is refreshing, heavy and seriously grooving your ass off! You NEED this album in your collection!