Generous Maria - Command Of The New Rock
Review by: "hogfeldt" (
Label: Lunasound Recording
Release Date: OUT NOW!!!

Lunasound strikes again! 45 minutes of some of the best music this genre has to offer... but then again, I have come to expect only the best from this label, so it's not like I'm surprised...

I've had the luxury of having a copy of (most of) this album on CD-R since last summer, so I've had the opportunity to let the songs slowly grow on me, and even though most people who likes this kinda music will probably "get" the album at once, this is another one of those albums that'll keep on growing on you with repeated spins.

The mixing and the mastering of this album have brought the songs to new heights compared to when I first heard 'em, and they were really good back then as well. All of the songs on this album are great, but I still have two favorite tracks that I rate above the rest of the songs. The first of one is "All Units Are Out", a song that perfectly combines psychedelia and laidback heavy rock, 70īs style, with a more up to date sound... it can't get much better than this...

The second one is the instrumental tune "Ashram Of The Absolute", this song can only be described as the twangy guitar sound of the 50īs guitarhero Duane Eddy... if he was stoned out of his mind. This is the song that Generous Maria always opens their gigs with nowadays... and it's hard to get a better start on a gig than that!

Even though the two above mentioned songs are my favorite tracks from the album it doesn't mean that the rest of the songs are no good. The songs span over a broad musical spectrum, you'll get everything from the fuzz-laced groove of "Big Shiny Limo" and "A Bed At The Edge Of The Universe" to the over the top fuzz mayhem that is "Dumdum Bullet". And you'll also get a laidback tune like "Soulflight" with it's countryrock meets psychedelia flavor... and there's also a bunch of songs in between the ones I've mentioned that are equally good, so rush out the door to your local recordstore and buy this album (or order it on the net) and discover it for yourself...

I've had the pleasure to see these guys live a couple of times now, and they sound just as good recorded as they do live on stage... so if you do get a chance to see 'em live... take it... if not, you can always put "Command Of The New Rock" on repeat on your CD-player...

1. Big Shiny Limo
2. A Bed At The Edge Of The Universe
3. All Units Are Out
4. Anchorage & Quito
5. Soulflight
6. Ashram Of The Absolute
7. All Good Things (Must Come To An End)
8. Dumdum Bullet
9. Firebug
10. Bridge Out Of Time