Band: Generous Maria
Album: Command of the New Rock
Label: Lunasound Recording
Release Date: April, 2002
Reviewed by: Deanna St.Croix
Posted: Nov 01, 2002

The first thing I noticed right away was some of the grit that graced the Skua/Generious Maria split absent from ‘Command’. Not that this is a bad thing at all. It’s hard getting used to these more grungy vocals and it’s also a real pleasure to listen to them. These are the vocals that drive any woman nuts – sexy, fuzzy, and grooving. This whole album is a testament to cool and heavy stoner/fuzz/sludgy sounds. I am really digging these tracks. “All Units Are Out’ is a psychedelic and spacey head trip. Just full of power and genuine ass shaking, head banging rock and fucking roll!

These are the trippiest lyrics, filled with stoner dreams and sci-fi pictured images. This is the first I’ve heard from Generous Maria since the Spilt with Skua and I’ve been wondering what’s been taking me so long to get listening to this. ‘Strict Nurse’ is one of the best songs put out in the last while in stoner rock land so it should be of no shock that GM has done it again.

“Soulflight’ is a complete surprise. A gorgeous piece of music that stands along Orange Goblin’s ‘Lothlorian’ in its beauty. To date the best song on the album in terms of ingenuity. There is a lot to be said about Generous Maria. They have progressed. They have become a diverse voice in a seemingly new way to do rock – to jump all over the place in terms of songs and spacing. It’s really nice that musicians have taken such strides and become these voices for a new rock - leading into how appropriate the title ‘Command of a New Rock’ is. Just listen to the difference between Soulflight and All Units Are Out - two completely differing songs yet each so good.

In sum, Command of the New Rock’ is fuzzy, remains gritty, contains great lyrics and is a great listen from start to finish. A fully recommended album. Essential for the record collection.