Command of The New Rock
Lunasound 2002

People @ Lunasound have to be really happy and excited about this release; this album is so amazing, so good, Generous Maria is grown so much since that promo called strict nurse (we reviewed it some time ago, check it out). I can say that they are not the same band, something is happened to this guys, maybe too much LSD in their coca-colas, or perhaps some other kind of shock, I don't know... but the only thing I am sure of, is that this "Command of the New Rock" is so exciting, so well played, so inspiring, that you need it right now if you like stonerrock, fuzzrock, raw rock'n roll, hard'n heavy, whatever you like, you need it.
Wanna talk about the vocals? Ok, they are great, very peculiar of Generous Maria, very adrenalinic and with a great 'retro' feeling that I really love. Wanna talk about the production? I don't know who produced this record (I have a promo cd in my hands, so not everything is written there) but, hey, the production is amazing, simply great... Wanna talk about the guys' skills? They are also perfect... every solo, every riff, every bass line, every rythmic is just as it should be. Finally, wanna talk about the artwork? just a name: MALLEUS. I guarantee the artwork by Malleus Crew is so beatiful, you can't imagine!
On this record you can expect to listen to some slow songs, to some real psychedelics tunes and to many pure rock'n roll songs, and you will always be satisfied; I truly think this record is a masterpiece, for sure a new starting point for the Generous Maria, a real 'star' in the Lunasound catalogue and I am sure you also should be proud of having it in your collection of rock Cds.
So, a real MUST HAVE.

Groove: 5/5
Psychedelia: 3/5
Heavyness: 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Overall rating: 5/5

Review By Alex