Generous Maria "Command Of The New Rock" (lunasound recordings, 2002)

How could I dislike a band that draws inspiration from Stanley Kubrik's eternal masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey" (the title and the cover of the album explain it all), and that uses the Malleus team for the artwork matters? OK, I know it all comes down to the songs, but Generous Maria seem to know that too, and thus, they give as an album surely worth our money and our time. Their swedish origin is obvious (they will remind you of Spiritual Beggars, Dozer or The Awesome Machine easily), but at the same time, their talent (which is obvious, too) won't let them fall into the photocopy-machine category. Quite energetic, kick-ass '70s-styled hard rock, the kind of music that drives the fuckin' glass empty and makes the bodies move back and forth. Personal favourite, the instrumental "Ashram Of The Absolute" track, which reminded me a lot of Natas with its totally free-styled, jamming atmosphere and its tight riffs. As a whole, it would be a crime to give this (much more than decent) album less than a...

Rate: 10/13

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