Hellride Music

Generous Maria - Command of the New Rock
(Lunasound Recording)
by Chris Barnes

Göran Florström is the Pavarotti of the Rock n' Roll underground. I don't know of another voice that is this distinctive (unless you you're talking Dixie Dave from Weedeater...but that's a whole 'nother story and it has nothing to do with Pavarotti). Göran has a powerhouse set of pipes and that vintage David Lee Roth look that give him the whole rockstar aura. Rumours have it that windows shake in their native Gothenberg when GM rehearse, and members of In Flames and Opeth have pissed their pants in fear... just kidding. But that'd be funny.

Command of the New Rock is Generous Maria's first full length and the sound that was pioneered on the Generous Maria/Skua split CD a couple years ago has held steady. The boys are perhaps a little more prone to add a bit of bong-influenced sonic exploration to their big ol' RAWK sound, evident on tracks like "All Units are Out", "Bridge Out of Time" or "Soulflight" which is probably as mellow as you are gonna find GM. It's great to hear the band relax and stretch out a bit and adds a previously unknown dimension to a band known for rocking-the-fuck-out. There are dynamics here, ladies and gentlemen. All other bands please take note.
But when the lads let loose, there's nothing like the GM energy. Opener "Big Shiny Limo" blasts out of the gate like a manic racehorse. "All Good Things (Must Come to An End)" rock has the patenented one-two GM punch of guitar/bass/drummer firing all at once. "Dumdum Bullet" is GM's "Freewheel Burnin'" and "Firebug" is vintage Van Halen-like hard rock boogie mixed with that Generous Maria fire.

I've been a big fan of Generous Maria since their Strict Nurse demo. Command of the New Rock just seals the deal for me. They are one of the best and most distinctive rock bands on the scene today. Pay attention, go see 'em live.