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Generous Maria - Command of the new rock Lunasound recording

This is the debut full-length album from Gothenburg`s five-piece Generous Maria. They are around since 1998 and already released a split e.p. with Skua on Alone records.
Well, you think this is not so unusual, but the obvious interesting point is that with Dan Johansson they have the former Mary Beats Jane guitarist in their rows. Well, as I said, this is obviously interesting, but Generous Maria is much more than that, in a way, famous band member. It`s not, what you might have expected after knowing this, that guitars are dominating. Generous Maria is in all cases an outstanding, tight bitch of a rock band! Rather 70`s influenced some times, just listen to the leading guitar riff of "All units are out", it seems that Mr. Iommi himself created this in his best decade. But Generous Maria are not a simple copy-cat, one just can hear their influences. And when I listen to "Anchorage & Quito" why must I always think of a special zeppelin? Well, it`s just this mood they try to create throughout the whole recording, more the rocking and to the point songs of this special decade, and what shall I say, most of the time they succeed! "Soulflight" goes more to the psychedelic direction, but still is to the point. And this is the big plus of Generous Maria that makes the difference to most of the other 70`s influenced rock bands. Their songs have a clear structure and don`t drift into heights you can`t follow with a clear mind. Most of the songs are far above the average, but just some highlights: "A bed at the edge of the universe", "All good things", "All units are out", or "Bridge out of time".
Well, no bad words left so far, so why no ten points for their songs? Hm, as I mentioned in an other band`s review, I don`t like instrumentals, and "Ashram of the absolute" is really not my taste!
But all in all this release is definitely worth to be checked out, and once you listen to the first tunes of "Big shiny limo" you are in danger to get addicted to that bitch. So go and take her!

Genre: Rock
Music: 9
Sound: 7
Info: 10 tracks, 45.20 minutes