Generous Maria-Command Of The New Rock CD
Lunasound Recording

Oh hell yeah, Generous Maria is back with their first long-player and it f**ing blows my mind. I liked their "Strict Nurse" Demo and the Split with "Skua" on Alone Records, but this album is outstanding, it rocks, it gives you time to relax and all the songs are damn catchy and makes you stand up and bang your head. And the fact why I love this album so much is, that Göran´s voice is mixed really good and sounds really cool, damn good vocalist, with a lot of feelings and emotions. The music reminds me a lot of "WE", especially the guitars, but that´s maybe just me. If you like Rock, you´ll love Gnerous Maria. Groovy, rockin´ and catchy....Generous Maria.
rating: 1
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