Generous Maria “Command of the New Rock” (reissue)


Of course, this is a reissue of one the greatest records the Swedish "stoner" scene has to offer. Vibuthi has reviewed it three years ago when Lunasound (defunct now) released it originally. You can read his review here.
Those copious amounts of energy and that foot-stomping hard rock of the album produced back then are still present today. After 3 years, I can only marvel at how fresh and cool these songs sound. From the driving force of "Big Shiny Limo" to the ultra groove of "Anchorage & Quito" and "Firebug", to the trippy ballad-like "Soulflight" or the loose jamming of the organic "Ashram Of The Absolute", each and every one of these songs were cut off to be put on best of compilations. Made of that great material that crashes minds and soothes the soul. The band is in top form, the dirty vocals by Goran so damn addictive. Yeah, but why get it again I hear those of you with the old copy in their hands, say. Well, besides the gorilla that threatens you on the front cover (different artwork that is); this reissue offers 4 extra – hard to find - songs. Taken from their 7" and some compilations, all four of these songs are of the sleazy punk-metal variety. "Crawl Back In" and its b-side "Daddy Rattlesnake" are two raw and dirty metal anthems. "Devil’s Brood" with its infectious groove, shakes the action while "Wild Child" pays its rightful dues to Zodiac Mindwarp and their biker rock mentality.
Congrats to the Buzzville crew not only for making a true stoner gem available to the public again, but for adding the extra effort (cover, bonus tracks) to the mix. This has the official Monolith "Buy It Now" stamp.


Rate 11/13