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'Command Of The New Rock' by Generous Maria
by Bill Vogel III

The present throng of Metal styles features a vast diversity of fine, new acts. In the Psychedelic (Retro) Metal genre, one such band is Generous Maria. Their 2003 opus, "Command Of The New Rock" [Lunasound Records], is a wild slab of Doom-tinged Psychedelia. It's raw, lawless, feedback-driven brilliance.

A pummeling, Doom bleeding groove sharpens the Psychedelic wash of guitar bash. The rhythms are loose but intense-a perfect for this style of Heavy Rock. The clean vocals have a nice, modern edge while being reminiscent of '70's era Doom.

Songs of note include "Firebug," the wild assault of "Dumdum Bullet," "Soulflight," and the groove-drenched stomp of "All Good Things (Must Come To An End)." Generous Maria does it well.

Overall, Generous Maria has a winner in "Command Of The New Rock." The style lives on.... Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.