Planet Fuzz

Generous Maria – Command of the New Rock
Lunasound Recording (Sweden)

Review by Matt Frighetto

Generous Maria, are a 5 piece hard rock outfit from Gothenburg, Sweden. These guys have done a few things in the past 2 years, in 1999 they recorded a demo titled “Strict Nurse” and then later re released it as a split with Skua on Alone records in 2000. I wasn’t much of a fan of Generous Maria back then, but now my whole perception of this Swedish outfit has changed!

“Command of the New Rock” is a complete change to the material they were playing a couple of years back, all songs are well structured and the recordings is produced to perfection. After a few listens you can really hear how this band has moved forward in their song writing, expect loads big chasings riffs, bottom end and some great melodic vocals form “Goran Florstrom”.

Generous Maria, remind me of a few bands, bands such as Satellite Circle, Zero charisma and maybe even Gate 9. Generous Maria use some really cool chord progressions in songs like “All Units Out” for example is a song with many twists, mellow to heavy a powerful song which really shows this bands creativity. Another great song is “Bridge out of Time” a killer track which is driven by a fantastic fuzzy “stoner” riff, heavy, slow and doomy. This song has something for any fan of this scene, I particularly like the middle section it’s got some cool effects that build to a monster ending kind of like the ending to “and the circus leaves town” amazing leads and riffs going everywhere a killer track!

Fans of Rock and good guitar playing to the likes of even “Atomic Bitchwax” will really get into this record, it’s a giant leap forward for “Generous Maria” and they have proven that they are Lifers in this music scene check this record out it’s a must have in your collection…


Goran Florstrom – vox

Jesper Klarqvist – bass

Mats Ohlsson – drums

Ulrik Nilsson – guitars

Dan Johansson – guitars