Command Of The New Rock

Lunasound / Audioglobe

This story begins with a monolith of stone in the sand – knowledge. Apes that are gathered around it and are learning their real nature: they will kill other apes in the name of conquer – evolution. Order, command, all this seems to flow in the Generous Maria music, but not controlled. They decided to focalize their attention on one of the Stanley Kubrick masterpieces movie, ‘2001: Space Odissey’. The music of the five Swedish guys is nothing more that pure rock, new rock maybe the term, and the command of evolution hits their souls too, and they’ve taken their weapons ready to kill for the conquer of their territory. ‘A Bed At The Edge Of The Universe’ could be the soundtrack of our life, the growing of human specie, as ‘Soulflight’ could be the representative of our life’s most introspective moments. The instrumental ‘Ashram Of The Absolute’ instead let us think about a reprise, a sunny rebirth, of the path in a most aware life. The starting moments of the movie are perfectly reprised by the excellent artwork, and it seems just a flash on the beginning of what will be the human nature. Then the evolution is not always seen as something good and useful. The hidden message maybe: don’t evolve, stay faithful to your roots and believe only in which you come from…but it seems that Maria don’t want to listen to its subconscious, giving life to an evolved musical style, commanded by the voice of new-rock, or the new-stone…so it shall be done.

Ettore Bezzi

Grade: 8