Sweden is developing a huge Metal scene, and besides the Death and Power Metal bands that is famous of, we have some of the most important Doom and Stoner Rock bands, and some of the bigger hopes of the genre. Generous Maria is one of the bands that have all the talent and all that it takes to go far, since their music is not limited in the narrow borders of Doom or the so called Stoner Rock style. Being heavily influenced by the 70's Hard Rock scene, the band delivers a debut album full of nice melodies, highly distorted guitars, catchy tunes, and a lot of Sabbath-like riffs. Their songs are well written, with many nice and interesting parts, and there is a hidden groove in them, something that makes them easier to get into even for those that are not very keen on the genre. The band is talented enough, and this is obvious from the very first song, since they are doing a great job in either the arranging or the performing area. The production is clear and powerful enough, and prevents the 70's atmosphere that is spread around the album. If you are into 70's Hard Rock, check them out and you won't regret it.