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Generous Maria

"Command of the New Rock" (Abstract Sounds)

by Craig Regala

I love this disc. Perfectly laid out, rolling grooves that bespeak Kyuss’ DNA, topped off with a Northern European melodic sense. Tinges of Viking folk songs and spacious symphonic logic point towards their cultural roots. Not that you’d mistake these guys for one of those post black metal bands reliving their pagan swords’n’icebergs past (which I like), but trust me, it bubbles up from the aquifer and falls from the sky and it’d be a dumb move to ignore that much free inspiration, so they don’t.

Command… avoids the retro-tag by being the next generation of an approach, rather than a straight copy. Look at it like this; These guys jump off from classic kickass Deep Purple/Uriah Heep grooves the same way Korn took off from Faith No More and the Chili Peppers. It all wouldn’t mean dick if they didn’t have the tunes, and I wouldn’t’ve typed this far, so you’re safe there. All the songs cohere even as they pull from stomp rock syncopation, laid back power boogie, mid-tempo ker-chug, psychedelic prettiness, or rave-up kickass. Not just for "stoner rock" fans. If the last couple Monster Magnet discs haven’t had enough heft for you, check this.
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