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Artist: Generous Maria 
Album: Command of the New Rock 
Label: Abstract USA 
Reviewer: Matt

Usually when you think of Swedish metal acts, you think of bands like At the Gates, Soilwork, or In Flames. The melodic, "Gothenburg sound" bands seem to share the same style of music, while hailing from the same country. Generous Maria, however, doesn't fit into preconceived notions of Swedish metal. They break the mold, playing stoner rock that leans more towards something you'd hear in someone's garage than what you'd hear coming out of a graveyard.

"Big Shiny Limo" is big, booming, noisy garage rock with burning riffs, sarcastic vocals and the throbbing rhythm section. It's pretty good stuff. They kick into a fat groove three minutes into it, flashing their stoner rock credentials along the way. "All Units are Out" is a slow stoner groove with noisy, crashing drums and fuzzed out guitars. The vocals have little emotion to them, although the band eventually kicks into a fat stoner groove with thick riffs, pushing along for an emotional lift.

"Anchorage & Quito" begins with fuzzy riffs and the throbbing rhythm section right away. The vocals have a lot of emotion and charisma to them. They jam for a long time in their burning stoner groove, keeping your attention in check. "All Good Things (Must Come to an End)" begins in a fat, fuzzy groove with thick, heavy low end fuzz, soon joined by slow burn guitar riffs. The vocals join in as they continue to push along in their chunky groove. It's excellent stuff, getting a bit progressive during the part where a solo would be.

"Dumdum Bullet" begins with fuzzy basslines, grating riffs, and thundering drumming. The vocals join in as they hammer away with speed and lots of energy. It's excellent stuff, sounding similar to 70's rock. "Firebug" begins with more fuzz and funk as fuzzy riffs, the laid back rhythm section, and semi-melodic vocals begin the jam. It's catchy and memorable, a well put-together song.

I am impressed by Generous Maria's talent and their ability to write good music.

Pit Grade: 7.5 out of 10, Command indeed.
Recommended Tracks: "Dumdum Bullet", "Big Shiny Limo", "All Units Are Out"

Track Listing:
1. Big Shiny Limo
2. A Bed at the Edge of the Universe
3. All Units are Out
4. Anchorage & Quito
5. Soulflight
6. Ashram of the Absolute
7. All Good Things (Must Come to an End)
8. Dumdum Bullet
9. Firebug
10. Bridge Out of Time