GL Productions

Generous Maria (Swe)
Command Of The New Rock
(Lunasound Rec.)

Another great release from Lunasound Recordings, Stuart the labelboss have a excellent taste Backdrafts debut are already a infamous release, the label have also signed Sir Hedgehog one of the best bands to come out of the Canadian woods in a long time, and here is Generous Marias debut Command Of The New Rock a very strong first album from the Gothenburg heavyrockers who previously made a pretty good Ep Strict Nurse and a split on Alone Records. I have spent quite some time so far listening to the disc, backwards and forwards and I find new things for every listen. First of all have Generous Maria made a giant step forwards from Strict Nurse musically, there is heaps better playing here a more dynamic and distinct performance and there is a red line through the whole thing and there is not a dull moment on the album either. Generous Marias strength how I see it are the songs like most of the great bands out there that puts a lot of soul and effort in it instead of jumping on the latest bandwagon. From the opening stomper Big Shiny Limo, the psychedelic aura of A bed at the edge of the universe, the wonderful spirit of Soulflight and the doominess of Bridge Out Of Time is just some of the examples of enjoyment you will find on Command Of The New Rock. Extraplus also for the stunning artwork by Malleus. Command Of The New Rock is a essential album for every fan of well made good sounding heavyrock. Lunasound have made it again. Order at mail GM info at mail for more info see my interview with frontman Göran at lillie/genmar.html