So what do apes and stoner rock have in common? Everything if you are the brilliant Stockholm-based Generous Maria. This hard-grooving quintet really cuts loose on their space-simian adorned debut Command of the New Rock, breathing yet another draught of fresh air into a scene that seems to be getting better every day. Musically speaking, Generous Maria covers a range from The Doors to Cathedral to Mushroom River Band and on their spacey "Soulflight" they sound frighteningly like the first. Thankfully, though, The Maria aren't plagiarists, so despite the similarities that one may find with other quality acts in the scene, these guys do their music their own way.

Tracks like the starter "Big Shiny Limo," and "Dumdum Bullet" or "Anchorage & Quito" bring to life the vocalist's unique delivery, a powerful singing/sneering that is reminiscent of a more powerful, more convincing Marilyn Manson. And with the way these three tracks are so direct, heavy and somewhat faster than the majority of stoner rock these days, this style fits perfectly. On "All Units are Out," the epic "Bridge Out of Time" and the masterful "All Good Things (Must Come to an End)" The Maria stays closer to home with traditional stoner rock anthems, yet each of these appears on my Standout Tracks list which means they must have made a serious impression. In fact, there's something about Generous Maria's song writing that makes them incredibly engaging, even when it seems that they're doing what's already been done before. Maybe it's the vocal delivery, maybe it's the interesting guitar work, or maybe it's just that these guys have magical powers. Whatever it is, though, Generous Maria have shown with their debut that they are indeed in full Command of the New Rock. 


Bridge Out Of Te
All Units are Out
All Good Things (Must Come to an End)