Interview with Göran Florström and Ulrik Nilsson


Rudi: Hi, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Göran: Hi! Yeah, sure. I´m Göran Florström, singer of Generous Maria and this is Ulrik Nilsson, one of the guitarists. The guys who couldn´t make it today are the bassist Jesper Klarqvist, the drummer Mats Ohlsson and Dan Johansson, the other guitarist.

Rudi: Tell me how long did it take you to record this masterpiece "Command of the New Rock" and where and how did you recorded it?

Göran: I guess we spent around two weeks in the studio all together. Mostly weekends and nights y´know, jesus it was some early mornings there.. So it was a somewhat drawn-out thing..We recorded the album in a mobile studio named Micro Studio. And then we mixed it a bit later, in Grand G Studio which is a stationary studio here in Gothenburg and there we spent something like ten days, I don´t remember that exactly..

Rudi: Can you describe songs from the album a bit and which are your favorite ones?

Göran: I like ´em all, no bullshit. It´s our babies you know... But my personal top three differs a bit from day to day, right now it´s "Big Shiny Limo", I´m so into the primitive feel of that song, "Bridge Out of Time", which is a track that has grown on me, it contains so many moods and parts that just go together so well, like a little journey with different ups and downs.. And "Soulflight" just coz it´s .. cool. "A Bed at the Edge of the Universe" got that kinda riff that that just gives me goose-pimples y´know and "All Units are Out" has the mix of psychedelia and heavy rock that´s pretty much what we´re about.

Rudi: Do you guys play in any side projects, any other bands, or did you cowork with some other artists?

Göran: I think the only one of us with side projects is Dan, and he´s got a few. He´s producing a great deal as well. What goes for me I´m faithful as hell to the band, no messing around here…

Rudi: Tell me about your influences and what kind of music do you listen to?

Göran: As a band we´re pretty much into digging the rich soil of the heavy rock scene of the 70's.. I discover bands new to me all time. Last weekend I heard this stunning German band called Tiger B. Smith. From '72 and amazingly good. I had to run to the record store the next day, they didn´t have it though, but I ordered it from Germany.. A lot of new rock is consumed as well, right now I´m listening to Half Man´s new album.

Ulrik: Just for the moment it´s Abramis Brama´s latest masterpiece "När tystnaden har lagt sig" , it´s been stuck in my minidisc-player for quite some time. At my work it has been pretty much Thin Lizzy, Soundgarden, Kiss and Pink Floyd lately..

Rudi: Can you describe the scene in Sweden and where do you see yourself in it?

Göran: The heavy rock scene here is pretty lively, a lot of real good bands around and many good records being made. But still, it´s the same old story y´know, the heavy music isn´t played all that much on the radio and there´s always too few places for live music and so on.. So you could say that it´s a really strong underground scene but that you have to dig a bit and be kinda active to get it in sight.. I guess you could say that you find Generous Maria somewhere right in that scene, not together with bands like In Flames and Hammerfall or anything like that, but with Half Man, Mammoth Volume, Souldivider and those bands..

Rudi: Please, tell me which instruments and gear do you use?

Ulrik: I use a Gibson SG Custom from '73 as my main guitar and a Gibson LP doublecut studio as spare. As for amps I currently run two amps in stereo. The first one is an Orange OTR that handles the overdrive and the other amp is an vintage Ampeg V4-B witch is perfect for the bass rumble. As for effects I keep it simple. An Austone Soul-O-Stomp to push the Orange and some phasers to get a phsycadlic touch. Jesper, the bassist, uses a Rickenbacker 4001 '77 and a Fender P-Bass '78, Peavey Classic 400, Peavey 8x10", EBS MultiComp and a TubeScreamer The other guitarist Danne uses a Gibson LesPaul Custom '77, BigMuff, Rat, Marshall JMP100 and two 4x12". And Mats is playing on a Ludwig drum kit.

Rudi: Is there any chance to see you guys tour around Europe and is there a plan to tour U.S.?

Göran: We really can´t wait to get out on tour to support this album. Nothing totally set at this point though, so I´d better not talk too much.. but this autumn would be great. Now I´m talking about Europe, the States I guess will have wait a little longer.

Rudi: The artwork on album is killer. Have you worked with Malleus guys before and how did it happen?

Göran: Glad you like it, Rudi! The great idea of engaging Malleus was Lunasound´s and the basic artwork idea was the band´s. And Malleus is probably one of very few able to realize this vague idea. It´s inspired by the Kubrick film "2001 - a space odyssey", you know the first part when these ape-men are running around in this rocky landscape and then all of a sudden there´s a big monolith standing there, a "new rock", giving them all kinda signals, changing their lives drasticly. And of course we wanted this monolith to be a part of a r 'n' r guitar.. Malleus did an absolutely excellent job and I´m very pleased with it. Great guys to work with!

Rudi: And in the end is there any mesage you would like to send to our readers and rockers around the globe?

Göran: First off I gotta tell you that I spent some time in Slovenia last summer, up in the mountains, close to Bled, and by the seaside, in Piran, and I sure did love your country. Really beautiful and very friendly people. Hope we´ll get to go there to play some day.. And secondly, I´m sure you all know what to do; check out 'Command of the new rock' and Rock On!!

By Rudi Filej