Interview with Göran & Jeppe/Generous Maria


 1) First of all, a classic question...when, how and why did start it all?

(Jeppe) We started off about two years ago with me (bass), Goran (voice) and Ulrik (guitar). Me and Goran had played together in the early 90's and Ulrik and I had a project together when we met in a town down south where we lived for a couple of years. Got ourselves a drummer and one guitarist more and since we had the same influences and taste we realized that what we wanted to do was to get a really heavy rock act together. Just a couple of weeks ago by the way, we welcomed a new guitarist aboard ö George Winnberg ö and a new member always brings new perspectives to things, which is cool!

2) Your sound really rocks...sometimes your rock-attitude remembers me the best guns'n roses (what a rock band, man!!!) age. It seems to me that Generous Maria have the same rock power in their veins...something really outstanding. What do you think about? Do you like G'n'R?

(Jeppe) I wouldn't say that G 'n' R is one of the big influences. They are there with all the other music that has passed thru our heads thru the years. I put "Appetite" as a great RnR album but absolutely not the main influence.
The rock attitude is - well, us, y'know - the way we are and our musical background ( and a little luck: singer, guitarist, our taste, the demo producer etc).

3) Do you like the psychedelic-side of life? I mean, do you like psycho-active drugs, just like hemp, lsd, xtc and so on? Anyway what about drugs and their prohibition?

(Goran) To tell you how it is, I don«t want to talk about drugs. We like beer and wine...My prime mind-alterer is RnR, y'know.
(George) Well, I don«t mind having a puff once in a while!

4) I think Generous Maria is one of the best hard-rock bands around, if not the real best. Do you have any future plan to rise, rule&rock the world? I mean, were you contacted by any label or whatever?

(Goran) We're having discussions with a few companies about having different kinds of business together. Havn't concluded any deals as yet though. We're kind of keen on having even more proposals I guess. More is more y'know.
(George) People just gotta realize that we're the ones setting the guidelines for rockmusic as we know it from now on! (he he)
(Jeppe) And plans... Rock on and let it fly. We don't have any strict direction, we've got a whole universe to get lost in.

5) What are your favourite bands? What about the influences of the members of Generous Maria?

(Goran) As a band we're really into stuff like old Sabbath and Monster Magnet, Clutch and Nebula and bands like that. When it comes to personal pets beside these bands our drummer Mats is a big fan of Social Distortion and Zappa as well, Ulrik (guitar) is into some of Hendrix' works, the bass player Jeppe grew up in Deep Purple/Zeppelin/60's-land, our new guitarist George combines Fu Manchu and Johnny Cash in a tasteful way and I'm a child of the Stooges.

6) What do you think about this new interests about hard-rock (stoner, classic rock'n roll and so on)?

(Jeppe) It's great! This desert/stoner rock thing certainly re-lit the RnR fire in our souls (if it ever faded)! And the worldwide society that's developed around the music is very cool.

7) I love the name of your band...what is its meaning, if it has one?

(Goran) Maria is something special to us. She gives us RnR, groove, rest, kicks, nourishment. She's life and she's very generous.
(Jeppe) 'Sheena is a punkrocker' and Maria is generous!


Interview by Alex