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Interview with Ulrik/Generous Maria



1 - name: Ulrik Nilsson

2 - band where you play: guitarist in GENEROUS MARIA

3 - age: 30

4 - favourite film: Fantasia 2000 - cos of the great music and the psyched out colors..

5 - favourite new band: Gorilla - mostly on behalf of their pretty bass player..

6 - what´s the worst thing about you?: So damn hard to wake up.. Need at least two alarm clocks to get me alive in the morning and sometimes that doesn´t help anyway.. And I tend to spend far too much money an vintage effects and stuff..

7 - the best show ever seen…: Close call between Albert King (in Jönköping, Sweden '90) and Big Elf (Gothenburg, Sweden '00)

8 - band you´d like to return again: If you mean like bands that doesn´t exist anymore it´s Band of Gypsys for sure, otherwise I´d very much like Big Elf to return to Gothenburg for a show..

9 - band that changed your life: Gotta mention two here; Lynyrd Skynyrd and Big Brother and the Holding Company.

10 - if you had to have gay sex, who would you have it with?: Haha, it´s so many, man... Jim Carrey cos I´d love to see him fake an orgasm.

11 - who would you like to spend a day with?: Neil Armstrong, the day he walked on the moon.

12 - most embarrassing moment in your life: Thankfully I´ve forgotten those moments..

13 - best experience with your band: Playing live on stage with the band.. every time. And those 30 minutes jams sometimes happening in our rehearsal studio.

14 - worst experience with your band: 20 seconds before the first song of a gig and my amp´s dead and silent as a fucking stone.

"Son / seran los mejores"

Section: 10 all times favorites bands:

1) Black Sabbath - Does that need any explanation..? Just can´t stop smiling, it´s pure riffing joy. It´s the fundament we stand on and the pillar of strength we lean on. Black Sabbath during the Ozzy-days is as close to God you get.

2)The Stooges - I just love that primitive drive and that raw sound! I mean, just listen to "Down on the street" on Funhouse and you know what I´m talking about. And Iggy´s voice on top of this, howling away. I once read that they wanted to sound like the machines of the car factories in Detroit, that static beat just going on and on. That´s a beautiful picture, isn´t it.

3)Band of Gypsys - Must have been the best jam band ever and they certainly made the best live album ever! Such a pity they didn't record any studio album. Sadly shortlived band that wrote just superb songs. And just listen to the extended guitar solo of Machine Gun! Still gives me the shivers.. and makes me wanna buy a vintage univibe.
4)Jethro Tull - What I love about Jethro Tull is their perfect mix of hard, heavy riffing and mellow, laid back piano and acoustic guitar parts. Things like that makes it interesting somehow.. Put on Motor Breath or Aqualung and you´ll see what I´m trying to say.

5)Rolling Stones - The living proof that mankind can survive on drugs alone and still be able to play guitar steady as a rock. Talking about Keith Richards of course and the early, pretty many, days. Before the album Black and Blue or something like that.. To me as a guitarist Richards is a grand guru, almost goes without saying, and the Stones are the Stones, right.!

6)Lynard Skynard - They define Southern Rock in the early 70's. Had it all - real good sound, fabulous guitar players and a great, bare foot singer. They never should have boarded that plane though, without checking the fuel tank.. They´ll always be remembered for their superb songs. Just wish they never wrote that Sweet Home Alabama thing, it´s still a plague as cover song on the bars around here..

7)Monster Magnet - They win the contest of making excellent arrangements for their often extremely simple songs. And that´s a gift from God.. And Dave´s really made his homework when it comes to stage appearence and the sex/drugs/rock 'n' roll thing. Monster Magnet easily makes it into this kinda list.

8)Sir Lord Baltimore - What comes to mind here is "controlled chaos, hysteria and aggressiveness". Much on the account of John Garner´s unique vocal style. This is the essence of 70's hard rock. Just love the raw buzzing of the cranked amps and fuzz pedals! I especially recommend the album Kingdom Come.

9)Radiohead - These guys make music that allows you to just dream away. Lay down on your sofa and start the journey.. Really know how to play those simple guitar leads and.., what can I say, they walk a path of their own.

10)Led Zeppelin - They were the masters in the studio! And Jimmy Page showed the world how to wear the guitar and their hard hitting drummer John Bonham really had an excellent groove. It´s just high quality r 'n' r. Listen to everything!

5 "next hype bands" according to Ulrik:
1)El Caco - A Norwegian band. Their drummer makes a 26" Ludwig drum kit look like toy drums! Surprised he doesn´t beat it to bits. I´ve only seen them live once and it really rocked. Try and catch them when they´re touring supporting Nebula.

2)Gorilla - Kick ass rock 'n' roll! Sounds like they´ve just hauled their equipment into the studio and pressed play on the recorder. Raw and beautiful.

3)Backdraft - Cos they make great music and are fun to hang out with. Real nice guys. Their album "Here to save you all" is really worth checking out. And their live performance makes your ears ring forever..

4)Grand Magus - This band plays songs with such a heavy laid back groove that it makes your hand reach for yet another beer. Hope I get to see them live soon so that I can confirm my suspicion that they are a super live band.

5)Generous Maria - The last band I would wanna recommend is my own band. We release our first album called "Command of the new rock" in Mars/April this year and it's a killer one. Our live performance gets better all the time so be sure you catch us when we come to a theatre near you!