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Interview with Göran/Generous Maria

In recent years, bands from a genre called stoner rock that combine psychedelic rock typical from the end of the 1960s and 1970s with a more modern sound and an interesting sonic experimentation. Generous Maria is one of the most important exponents of the genre in Sweden. We talked with vocalist Göran Florström, who explained their recent projects.

How is the split CD with Skua like?

Well, what can I say - itīs a killer man! Itīs four songs from each band and for Generous Mariaīs part itīs the whole 'Strict Nurse'-tape with the songs 'Strict Nurse', 'Like a dog with a frisbee', 'Lack of faith' and 'Brother Pain'. The whole thing is remastered down in Malaga, Spain by Alone Records and they did a beatiful job down there. It might be that Iīm a bit biased, but I think it really kicks ass!

Are you working in new material? How is it?

We started recording a bunch of new songs around christmas and are working on the mix right now. You might say that these songs are a bit more on the groovy side - but still heavy as hell!

Do you think that the bandīs music has improved with the addition of Mats on drums?

Mats has been in the band now for a couple of years so Iīve got a pretty blurry memory of how it was like before him, yīknow. But hell yeah, heīs a really steady and heavy drummer!

What can you tell me about your participation in the High Beam compilation with bands such as Karma To Burn and Natas?

Weīre not gonna participate on that compilation so I canīt tell you anything..!

What do the different guitarists that played in the band gave to the music of Generous Maria?

Weīve changed guitarists once; George Winnberg replaced Mikael Bodling around a year ago. Theyīre both great guitarists and they gave and gives the same thing, I guess you could say; their brutality and love for rock music.

What can you tell us about your participation on the compilation?

Itīs a compilation called 'Sacred Groove' with basiclly bands hosted by the ruling site Itīs a Mexican label - Monstruo de Gila Records - thatīll release it. Itīll be out in quite many South American countries I guess, and that feels really good! Weīre in with the song 'Strict Nurse'. It should have been out by now but you know - 'delays'... Coming soon I hope. Itīs gonna be a real good compilation, Iīm sure.

Can you describe a Generous Maria gig? For example the one at Sticky Fingers...

Not especially taciturn and not especially tranquil. Energy, presence and loudness - thatīs how Iīd like to describe Generous Mariaīs live act.

How different is the material from "Iīll be your patient" compared to the debut album and compared to the new songs?

Firstly - I know that the recording was called 'Iīll be your patient' on some of the first editions when it was out and around as a demo. Pretty fast it was renamed to the 'Strict Nurse' tape and thatīs the one thatīs being released by Alone Records. Well, thatīs just for the record...

Differences you ask - well, I talked a little before about the songs weīre working with in the studio right now and - itīs like having three balls in the air; the songs being relesed at the moment, the ones being recorded and ones being written meanwhile. Iīm really bad at descibing our music - guess itīs meant to be heard and not descibed. Iīll have to ask someone to help me descibe it...

Are there in the band main composers or are the songs developed in rehearsals with all the members?

Most of the material is put together during the rehearsals from basic riffs and ideas composed by some the guys, mostly by Jesper Klarqvist, whoīs some kinda musical leader of the band, followed by Ulrik Nilsson and George Winnberg. Sometimes a complete song is brought to the rehearsal room but mostly we arrange it together - with threats and weaping and fistfighting.. And then I write the lyrics to it.

How has been Generous Maria music received up to now?

Iīm not saying we donīt know weīre doing good stuff, but still weīre a bit surprised about the extremely great responce and positive reactions weīve had all over the place! And we appreciate it, I tell you..!

Is there anything more that you want to say?

Itīs good hearing from you, Frederico - itīs the first we hear from Argentina and thatīs fun! And to you people out there: visit Custom Heavy Store and buy the split CD! Rock on, folks!!

Interviewed by Federico Marongiu