interview with Göran & Jeppe/Generous Maria

First of all, introduce the band and give us a brief historic of it.

Göran Florström (GF): Yeah, let me introduce the guys of the band. We´ve got Mats Ohlsson banging the shit out of the skins, Ulrik Nilsson and George Winnberg being the guitarheroes, Jesper Klarqvist is the ”bearer of the thunder broom” to borrow a phrase from Custom Heavy and I`m trying to make myself heard over these geezers with a lousy mic.

In one word, how would you describe the music of Generous Maria? What would you tell to a 15-year-old guy in order to buy your cd?

Jesper Klarqvist (JK): It´s all about groovypsychedelicheavydutypop. I´d say -“don´t miss the evolution train, man!”

The sales of Generous Maria’s cd’s were satisfying 'till now? I ‘m talking basically about Sweden and secondly about the rest of the world.

GF: Well, the split is just about to be re-released by Alone Records/Custom Heavy, a second pressing. So the sales are really no problem, it´s alright. The CD is distributed in most of Europe, the States and Australia but shamefully enough it hasn´t any proper distribution in Sweden. It´s in the stores of the biggest cities and in several on-line stores though… Anyway, my impression is that we´re doing better abroad then ”at home”.

You have released a split ep with Skua. Any future plans on a possible debut album and if you do so, when it will be available?

JK: There are always plans. We´ve just received a preliminary mix of some songs we recorded during the winter. Now they´re going to leave the ground and be spread around the record companies like the plague and the only cure is for someone to release it. Otherwise the A&R-guys will be striken with great agony when they realize what they´ve missed.

No, seriously, we´ve just started to send the stuff out, let´s see what happens.

Refer to some songs of Generous Maria according to the lyrics if you please…

GF: “Looking out of the window / Don´t know where we are / As long as peanuts are free / Don´t mind if we go far” from the song Big Shiny Limo. It kinda reflects my attitude that you can take a lotta shit as long as you get something out of it. But only ‘til the free peanuts run out…

Which is your favorite song from all the band’s songs? Inform us about the favorite songs of the four other guys in the band.

JK: Can´t pick one out but I can take a few – Anchorage & Quito, A bed at the edge of the universe, Big shiny limo…

GF: Yeah,there´s a lotta diamonds from our latest recording session. Right now I listen a lot to Dumdum Bullet. Strict Nurse from the split is another favourite.

In my opinion, Generous Maria is ready for an international career. You got all the characteristics of such great bands (superb vocals, heavy guitars, rock feeling, personal identity etc). Do you believe that the band needs something more than that?

JK: What we really would need is NOT having to have regular jobs. It´s such a boil in the ass..! We´re loosing a lotta energy in vain thru that hole…

Which are your inspirations and which are your favorite album, song and verse?

JK: Black Sabbath. And the album Black Sabbath, definitly. Can´t really pick a certain song, the album is such a unity in itself where nothing can be added or taken away.

GF: I´d say Loose from the album Funhouse by the Stooges. The simplicity and the primitive drive… It´s a neverdrying source of inspiration year after year… Gotta go and put it on right away!

Give us your all-star band or mention five great musicians according to your opinion of course.

JK: Hunt & Tony Sales on drums and bass (as they played on the Lust for Life album). Tony Iommi & Josh Homme on guitars and Iggy for singer. That would be some line-up… oh yeah…

Are there any groups you want to give a live show together including bands with active or none presence?

GF: Well, it sounds like I´m allowed to dream… I´d love to do a gig together with Velvet Underground around the time of the White Light/White Heat release ’67. When everybody sat around with flowers in their hair just being mellow and these guys came up all dressed in black pounding their instruments… Beautiful!

JK: Doing a gig with AC/DC back in ’76 when they just had released Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Bon Scott was still alive. That would have been r’n’r heaven for me, for sure…

How do you regard todays rock scene? Could you suggest us any bands that you like or any Hellenic bands that you have in mind? Do you think that the stoner trend has helped doom metal to recover?

GF: Well, the scene is alive and kicking, ain´t it. Seems to be louds of good bands around. Wanna mention two bands, one from Sweden and one from the States: Mammoth Volume and Clutch! Check ‘em out, folks, if you haven´t already!

Hellenic bands I don´t know that many, I´m afraid. Know one and that´s Violet Vortex and they kick ass!

Maybe the scene was even more exciting a while back, like a year ago or something… When it was more like underground… When you say stoner trend it sounds a bit ominous, y´know…

I believe that doom metal – heavy rock is a way of living. Which is your opinion on that?

JK: The music influences most aspects of life and life influences the music and music is always on your mind and the mind is – eh, whatever… - Yeah, guess you could say music is life, right..!

Synopsize your ideology in a phrase... Which is the most important thing in life for you?

JK: Have fun and blow your ears out...!

What would you change (or wouldn’t you change) if time went back?

GF: As someone sang once; je ne regrette rien, or something…

Answer to a question of yours…

How can there be a good God when there´s so much evil in the world?

GF: Ehhh, dunno..!