Interview with Göran /Generous Maria

Generous Maria just released their first long player on Lunasound, Göran the singer is talking with us about the record, how it came to the deal and what was before, what will be etc., but read for yourself and f**ing buy their CD, cause it´s the "Command Of The New Rock".

DD: Tell the folks out there a little bit about your band history!!!

Göran: Well, we started out in the cold winter of '98. Felt we needed to do something to cheer us up in that hopeless darkness of Swedish winter. Couldn´t find anything better then putting a heavy rock act together, right.. Turned out to be a good idea coz I´ve never been in a band with the engine more well-oiled.

DD: What are your main influences?

Göran: What can I say, good rock music through out the history, picking the best bits y´know. Right now I´m listening to good old Elvis, felt I had a gap to fill there, so who knows what´ll come out after this…

DD: "Strict Nurse" that was your first Demo and also the the Split with "Skua". Please tell us how that Deal with "Alone" came and how the reaction was on these releases?

Göran: Actually it was our second recording, we did our first late '98. But yeah, Strict Nurse ended up as one half of the Split on Alone. We got in touch with Miguel of Alone through José at Noizeland in Madrid. He must have heard us and told us to contact Alone and they liked it and wanted to release it right away, which was really cool. Then it was re-released in the States by Custom Heavy Records. Much esteem goes out to these guys!

DD: "Command Of The New Rock" a cool piece of Rock, also tell us the story with "Lunasound" and how long you were in the studio?

Göran: After we did the final mix of the album in July 2001 - think we spent a couple of weeks in the studio, late nights and weekends - we let them listen to it, in portions you could say, and they liked what they heard and we did a little checking on the label and liked what we heard, so after a while there was no doubts about letting the stuff go to Lunasound. Nothing wrong with Alone in any way, but somehow things tend to go a little smoother when label and band is based in the same country, I don´t know… And also, Lunasound´s web of contacts is something the band benefits from.. Cool and dedicated guys all of them though!

DD: Are you doing a tour to support your new Long-Player?

Göran: Think so and hope so! Nothing totally set at this point though. But I´m sure there´ll be something. Would love a little giro in Germany!

DD: Do you play a lot of Gigs?

Göran: Not a fraction of what we´d like to do! We mostly do the club scene here in Gothenburg and some around western Sweden, and that´s not enough.. Last gig we did was at our launch party a few weeks ago and that was good fun!

DD: Your lyrics are mostly about really spaced out themes, please talk a little bit about your lyrics.

Göran: You think so..? I try to deal with important social issues and stuff… doesn´t seem like I succeed to any greater extent.. No, seriously, it´s mostly about feeling weird in weird places, like your own kitchen.. And also I try to be funny all the time, but I think my success is pretty limited in that aspect as well..

DD: Your cover reminds me a lot of the movie 2001, did you tell Malleus to do it like that or did Malleus come up with that idea on his own?

Göran: We had this idea about using the first part of "2001" in some way, you know the part where these ape-men are running around in this rocky landscape, and all of a sudden there´s a "new rock" in front of their cage, in our case of course a r'n'r guitar, and things start happening.. Well, anyways, Malleus did an excellent job in realizing this vague idea. Totally cool guys!

DD: What are the future plans of Generous Maria, will there be a 7", compilations or any other things you will do in the next few month?

Göran: We´d just love to release Command of the New Rock on vinyl, or parts of it, a 10" or a 7", we´ve talked about it, let´s see what happens.. Right now we´ve actually got our asses full with promotion work for the album and also writing a whole lotta new songs, gotta think of the next album as well you know.. And a track from the Split will be included on a planned compilation by Echo Relation Records. It´s gonna be called Tripping the Light Fantastic, if I remember rightly.

DD: By the way, do you work besides doing your music?

Göran: I work in a school, with kids between thirteen and sixteen. Of course having a day job is slowing us down a bit at times, but still it´s good to use the copy machine of the place... And I really love the kids.

DD: The Daredevil Question, what was the first and what was the last record you´ve bought?

Göran: The first must have been something with Sweet, Ballroom Blitz maybe, don´t really remember the details. The last was Half Man´s Red herring. Haven´t listened that much to it yet but it seems great.

DD: The last Comment (of the new rock) and thanx for the small interview!

Göran: Thanks to you, Ralf! And for you rockers out there, thanks for your support and don´t miss out on Command of the New Rock! I know what you like and this is it!