The 'Command of the new Rock' recording session Winter 2001-2002


Hmm, if I connect this one to that one and then... no wait, maybe this one first..hmm itīll rock..I think.

If it was good enough for Paul itīs good enough for me.!
Hey, listen to this! My drums sound like thunder!! Producer and engineer discussing the pros and cons with Generous Maria.
Carl-Emil Stintzing puts the soul into Soulflight with his Fender Rhodes. So much aggravation around, I just wanna give it all a mellow feeling, guys. Guys..??!
A brief prayer in front of the altar before the day begins. Letīs see, if we get all this gear inside - where are we gonna be..?
Man, this rock thing sure makes me sweaty..! If it aint metal, Iīm quitting!!
If you could try and make it.. yīknow maybe if youīd.. Oh, just play it right, man!! I donīt know why that amp got on fire, Iīm just as surprised as you are man..!
Gee, r'n'r sure makes me happy!! Forgot to plug me in..!
Look guys, now I know two chords! ..well, almost.. George puts the final touch to All Units are Out