Generous Maria III Jan 2013
We´ve signed a record deal with Transubstans Records.
The new album, entitled “III”, will be released on the 6th of March!
Mastering Nov 2012
The new album has been mastered!
It was mastered at Bohus Sound by Dragan Tanaskovic.
New guitarist May 2012
Generous Maria is happy to announce the addition of guitarist Lars Elf to their ranks!
New album Feb 2012
Mix of the new album is finished! And man, does this li´l monster rock!
Release date is yet to be set.
Vinyls July 2011
You can now purchase your Generous Maria vinyls from Ozium Records.
Spotify January 2011
We´re now on Spotify. Check the albums out before buying them!
Songs on the Facebook player March 2010
More songs from Electricism and Command Of The New Rock added to the Facebook player. Click here to check 'em out!
Classic Rock Magazine cover CD November 2009
Generous Maria is featured on the cover mounted CD that comes with the November issue of UK's Classic Rock Magazine.
We are part of the sampler ‘Space Rock' with the song 'A Bed At The Edge Of The Universe' from 'Command of The New Rock'.
"A Heavy Metal Salute to Heavy Metal Band Name Origins" September 2009
Check out the true story about the name of Generous Maria. You'll never get to hear it anywhere else! Buy the book "A Heavy Metal Salute to Heavy Metal Band Name Origins"! Click here!
Facebook August 2009
We´re now on Facebook as well. Join us there! Click here.
MySpace April 2009
A lot of new songs from 'Electricism' and 'Command of the New Rock' uploaded on our MySpace page. Check ' em out!
iTunes January 2009
Buy Generous Maria albums digitally at iTunes! Get 'Electricism' here and ’Command of the New Rock’ here.
New Benelux booker September 2008
We are glad to annouce that we have a new Benelux booking agency. Devil in a Box will from now on book the Generous Maria shows in that part of the world.
Vinyl LPs released!! August 2008
The albums ’Command of the New Rock’ and ’Electricism’ are out as 12" LPs on Tornado Ride Recordings!
News on the vinyls July 2008
Release date for ’Command of the New Rock’ and ’Electricism’ is now set for mid August!
New live photos June 2008
The Gallery section has been updated with new live photos - from the 'Rock i Dalen' gig. Check ´em out!
Basic tracks laid down June 2008
We have now recorded basic tracks for fourteen songs at Studio Drive-By Recordings and they sound really cool.
We´re now about ready to begin working with the overdubs.
Too loud for Nacksving! May 2008
After two days our sessions at Studio Nacksving were forced to a halt. What seems to have been the problem is that Generous Maria is too loud! Studio Nacksving is located in a residence building, but has never under its 30 years of exictence had as many and as furious complaints from the neighbours as during the first days of Generous Maria recording! So we were given two options; turn down the volume or stop the sessions altogether. We chose the latter. However, you can't stop rock 'n' roll, can you? The morning after we put up our gear at Studio Drive-By Recordings and continued the sessions.
Entering Studio Nacksving May 2008
We´re entering the legendary Studio Nacksving on the 17th of May. For a few days we´ll be laying down the basic tracks for what is going to be our third album, tentatively entitled 'Black Dwarf Revolution'.
Vinyl releases April 2008
Italy’s Tornado Ride Records will release both our full length albums on vinyl!
Which means that both ’Command of the New Rock’ and ’Electricism’ will be re-born as LP:s!
Release summer '08. January 2008
Check out Generous Maria at!
Merchandise section updated December 2007
Our latest album 'Electricism' is now available for purchase in the Merchandise section.
New track on the MySpace player October 2007
The song 'Bridge Out Of Time' from the album 'Command of the New Rock - 2005 Edition' is added as a fifth track on our MySpace player. Check it out!
New shows booked August 2007
Check out the Gigs section for upcoming shows.
'Wasted Days' mix June 2007
The song 'Wasted Days', recorded at the recent pre-production sessions, has been sent to Roasting House Studios for mixing. We´re excited to hear what Theo Theander and the guys there can achieve.
Updates May 2007
Gallery section has been updated with new live photos and the Press section with new reviews on 'Electricism'.
Gothenburg Metal Festival March 2007
We´re confirmed to play the Gothenburg Metal Festival. Check out the website!
'Out Of My Head' at P3 Rockster February 2007
'Out Of My Head', from our latest album 'Electricism', is on heavy rotation at P3 Rockster.
YouTube January 2007
Check us out at YouTube as well!
Ulrik leaves GM January 2007
Ulrik, one of the Generous Maria guitarists, and the band are going separate ways. It´s sad but it´s no other way to go about it. We´ve been paying the dues to rock 'n' roll together for quite a few years - all the best to you for the future, man!
New recordings (pre-productions) December 2006
We´ve started putting a few new songs down on tape. Might take a while ´til you´ll get to listen to anything, just wanna let you know that we´re at it again.
Back home again November 2006
We´re back from yet another trip to Benelux. As always we had a blast! The main objective was the Buzzfest 2 organized by our label Buzzville Records. And what can we say, that was really a rocking event of some size! Great music, beautiful people, what more can you ask for?! We shared stage with Dozer, 3Speed Automatic and more great bands. Check out live photos in the Gallery section. Thanks a lot, Sandra!
Electricism tour part 2 October 2006
We´re going back to Benelux! On October 29 we´re gonna do the Buzzfest 2006 together with Dozer, Kube and many more. It´s gonna be a killer so make sure to be there!
On October 28 we´ll be at the Villa Rocka in Rotterdam with our dear friends 3Speed Automatic and on the 27th we´re playing at The Rambler in Eindhoven (NL), this time with 3Speed Automatic as well.
Rock Tribune/Lollipop Magazine August 2006
'Bootlicker', a track taken from Generous Marias new album 'Electricism', is featured on the cover-mounted CD that comes with issue no 52 of Belgium´s biggest rock/metal magazine Rock Tribune. There´s a feature on the band in the magazine as well. 'Bootlicker' is also on the mp3-compilation that comes with the cool Lollipop Magazine.
MySpace July 2006
We´re now on MySpace as well. Visit us there!
Back from mini-tour June 2006
We´ve returned from a mini-tour in Europe, which in a swift sweep took us to Holland, Germany and Belgium. We wanna say 'Thanks a Lot!' to everyone that came out to see us and supported us in one way or another on this tour. You rock! We also squeezed in a nice little acoustic session, we performed acoustic versions of 'She´s Got Plans For Me' and 'Souldflight', for a Generous Maria feature on Radio FM Brussel.
Electricism is out!! May  2006
We´re extremely glad to be able to say that our new album is finally released. Electricism is out thru Buzzville Records and the killer artwork is performed by Malleus. Check out sound samples in the Media section! Get your copy directly from Buzzville or from an (online) store near you!
Strap On Sally May 2006
Strap On Sally, the side project of Generous Maria´s Goran and Dan together with Johan Granat, is contributing the song 'Let´s Explode' to the compilation 'Sons of Guns' mounted on the May issue of Classic Rock Magazine. "Let´s Explode may or may not be the first suicide bomber love song, but it´s definitely the one with the best riff." Other bands are Hellsuckers, Kill City, Johnny Vasher and twelve more.